Complete Basement Finish

This basement was taken from concrete walls and insulation to what you see now. All electrical, framing, concrete staining, home theater, and smart controls were installed by us. Very pleased with the way this one turned out! Smart features include; remote and voice control of all lights, universal and voice control of audio/video devices, and Amazon Alexa integration.

Integrate Your NEST Devices with HomeSeer

NEST devices can now be fully integrated into a HomeSeer automation system. HomeSeer can automatically adjust your thermostat, access and give battery status notifications from sensors, can set the HOME/AWAY status based on sensor detections, and more. Another step in the direction of turning your home into an automated robot and never needing to use an app to control your home.


Insurance Companies Recognize Smart Home Benefits

Insurance Companies Recognize Smart Home Benefits

Insurance companies are starting to recognize the benefits of home automation and smart home devices.  Check out this article from Traveler's.  And they're not the only company giving discounts.  We look at insurance benefits when quoting system installations.

Now A SolarWorld Partner!

I'm excited to announce that Residential Robotics is now a partner with the largest solar manufacturer in America, SolarWorld. With superior quality panels, inverters, and components combined with an exceptional performance warranty and multiple mounting options, we can offer you the absolute best in solar energy delivery. Use our expert knowledge and get a solar site assessment. This assessment includes a detailed analysis of your solar window, shade analysis, detailed load analysis, pre-installation efficiency measures, full financial analysis, environmental impact, available incentives, and return on investment (ROI) projections. Solar is a clean, renewable, and financially sound investment.

The Benefits of a Smart Home

Convenience - Convenience is one of the biggest reasons that people build and purchase smart homes. These homes give users remote access to systems including heating and cooling systems, intercoms, music and multimedia devices throughout the home.

Security - Smart homes include advanced security systems with cameras, a variety of sensors that communicate with each other and a link to the local police station or a private security company. Keeping your family and property safe at all times.

Accessibility - For elderly or disabled residents, a smart home may feature accessibility technologies. Voice-command systems can do things like control lights, lock doors, operate a telephone or use a computer. Home automation allows an individual to set a schedule for automatic tasks like watering the lawn, removing the need to perform these labor-intensive tasks on a regular basis.

Efficiency - Smart homes offer enhanced energy-efficiency. Lights can shut off automatically when no one is in a room, and the thermostat can be set to let the indoor temperature drop during the day before returning it to a more comfortable level just before residents arrive in the evening. All of these automated tasks combine to save on electricity, water and natural gas, thereby reducing the strain on natural resources.

Resale - When it comes time to sell a smart home, sellers will have an abundance of effective selling points. Whichever advantage of a smart home appeals to a given buyer, homes with automated systems have the potential to sell for much more than comparable homes with conventional technologies.



Welcome to Residential Robotics, your gateway to the 21st century and the world of home automation. First off, I'd like to thank you for visiting and also for considering us to be your skilled integrator of choice. New technology can be daunting and a lot of times have little benefit. That's why it's paramount to have someone you can trust to do the research, provide the demonstration, and have the skills necessary to give you the most technology has to offer. I hope that you and I can develop that kind of relationship while we test the limits of this technology...and install a lot of just plain cool stuff along the way.

Jonathan Dickey - Owner - Residential Robotics