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A Smart Home is designed with energy efficiency as a driving influence.  We at Residential Robotics believe there is a direct correlation between energy needs and personal freedom.  As your home's efficiency increases, so does your peace of mind.  With every switch installed, every light, every programmable interface, every solar array, we make a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint all while saving, and in many cases, making you money.  Your home can make it's own energy and solar is the ultimate home automation solution.

Free automated lighting installation with every 100% fossil fuel offset solar installation.  Efficiently automate the lighting of your home and also have remote access by smart phone or tablet.

Request a professional Solar Site Assessment and see the clear benefits of going solar!

There are state and federal incentive programs available right now including a 30% cash rebate!



5 Billion more years of energy

Buy your energy at a bulk rate while instantly increasing the value of your home with a solar array.  We are professionally trained to measure the magnitude of solar energy production of your property and show you the financial incentives to go solar. The cost of solar is falling and in most cases the value of energy produced is higher than the cost of installation.  Let us give you a FREE preliminary site assessment!


You're in control

Our energy audits are detailed and extremely precise to ensure you only pay for the solar energy necessary to power your home. This keeps installation costs to a minimum and money in your pocket.  We can also integrate energy monitoring into your Smart Home installation!


Energy Reduction

energy = $

Smart outlets, smart switches, motion detection, energy efficient lighting, and programmable lighting are all ways to reduce the amount of energy you use.  We do everything possible to keep installation costs minimal so you can see a good return on your investment.  Take advantage of our expertise combined with our knowledge of available energy rebates available!

The Grid

no longer A necessity

Let us help you produce you own energy and cut the ultimate cord.  There's freedom in being self sufficient.  And selling excess energy back to the utility companies that your home produces in now a reality!